Different Material for Ballistic Panel Jun 30 , 2020

There are two kins of material for bulletproof layer, they are PE and aramid.

PE actually refers to ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. Polyethylene products are easy found throughout our daily lives, such as plastic bags, beverage bottles, etc., so polyethylene is no stranger to us. Polyethylene has excellent stability and is extremely difficult to degrade. In addition, it has low temperature resistance, UV resistance, water resistance and light weight, making it an ideal material for making bulletproof equipment. However, the high temperature resistance of PE is poor, and the use temperature should be controlled within 80℃ (can meet the temperature requirements of human body and equipment—temperature 55℃ ). Once this temperature is exceeded, its performance will drop rapidly, when the temperature reaches 150℃ or above. It will melt when it is. Therefore, PE ballistic resistant products can satisfy most of the use scenarios, but they are not suitable for use in high temperature environments.

Aramid, also known as Kevlar, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and high strength. It has been widely used in bulletproof equipment, construction and electronic equipment. Compared with PE, aramid has better high temperature resistance and creep resistance. Similarly, aramid also has some disadvantages. If it is exposed to ultraviolet light, it will degrade and easily hydrolyze. Even if it is stored in a dry environment, it will absorb the moisture in the air and gradually hydrolyze. Therefore, the aramid equipment is not suitable for long-term UV rays and use in a damp environment.

PE Military Tactical Bulletproof Conceal Vest

We will recommend the bulletproof products in suitable material. We also can make the bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet and other bulletproof products in different material according to client's requirement.

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