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Military and police equipment one-stop solution
Military army combat uniform BDU
Military army combat uniform BDU camouflage color
This camouflage uniform is for the soldier with duty in desert, gobi, wilder...
Desert camouflage army uniform
Three colors desert camouflage army uniform
Army uniform so called camouflage uniform or military uniform is customized ...
Military official shirt khaki for Cambodian Police
Military official shirt khaki For Cambodian Police
This military official shirt is customized for GDI of Cambodia. We designed ...
Multicam military jacket parka
Multicam military winter fleece jacket parka
The Multicam Military Jacket with fleece Inner, detachable cap and fleece li...
Italian vegetato military combat uniform
Italian vegetato camouflage army combat uniform
This camouflage uniform is for the soldier of Italy. The vegetatao camouflag...
Multicam military army combat uniform
Light multicam military army combat uniform ACU
This camouflage uniform is for the soldier all aournd the world. The camoufl...
Digital woodland camouflage uniform
Military digital woodland camouflage uniform
This camouflage uniform is customized for the rangers of M.O.E. of Camb...
Blue camouflage ACU combat uniform
Blue DPM camouflage ACU combat uniform
This camouflage uniform is for the navy soldier all aournd the world. The ca...
Three desert camouflage military jacket
Three desert camouflage military winter fleece jacket
The Three desert camouflage Military Jacket with fleece Inner Detachable Jac...
Multi camouflage military jacket
Multi camouflage military winter fleece jacket
The Multi camouflage Military Jacket with fleece Inner Detachable Jacket is ...
Military blue camo T shirt
Military blue camo cotton knitted T shirt
This blue camo is mainly for marine force soldiers. Fabric:100% cotton, knit...
Military desert camo T shirt
Military desert camo color short sleeve T shirt
This desert camo T shirt is mainly for army force soldiers. Fabric:100% cott...
Military wool pullover man sweater
Military wool O neck green pullover man sweater
This is a military style commando o-neck design sweater, with velcro or butt...
Military army green hight neck sweater
Military army green high neck design army wool sweater
This is a military high neck design army wool sweater, with shoulder and bac...
Brown peaked hat officer military cap
Ceremonial suit army military cap
Crafted with exquisite and exquisite embroidery by high-tech craftsmanship, ...
Replaceable suspension
Bulletproof PASGT M88 NIJ IIIA military ballistic helmets
CHINA XINXING GUANGZHOU is able to offer helmet customizations using a varie...
Light weight thickness
Military PE ceramic bulletproof ballistic plates
Military Bulletproof Plate are made of lightweight ceramic and PE or Aramid ...
Removable bulletproof panel
PE military bulletproof vest 3a ballistic concealed style
The vest is an external bulletproof vest that can also be worn concealed und...
Durable velcro
Desert camo NIJ IV body armor bulletproof ballistic police vest
Constructed using DuPont Flex Film and meets NIJ level 2 0101.06 standard pr...
Tactical carry handle
NIJ III kevlar military ballistic vest bullet proof body armor
These vests often have a ballistic plate inserted into the vest. Metal or ce...
full body protection
Tactical quick release army aramid bulletproof vest
Level IIIA (3A) is typically the highest level of protection you will find i...
durable fabric for exterior cover
NIJ IIIA PE military tactical bulletproof conceal vest
Concealable vests are designed to protect the users body from pistol and han...
Military tactical army belt
Camouflage military army dress uniform belt
This camouflage army tactical belt is specially customized for the outside o...
Military tactical army belt
PP webbing army tacitcal military uniform belt
This military tactical belt is mainly used outside of the uniform by the sol...
Military army tactical vest
Quick release military security army tactical vest
The military tactical vest with fast release function offers soldiers quick ...
600D polyester military tactical vest
600D polyester military army police tactical vest
This military tactical vest offers pistol holster and magaizne pouches ...
Black zipper split leather military boots
Black men's combat military boots
The selection of black men's combat military boots is sure to have the one y...
Camouflage 600d polyester military boots
Camouflage black combat military jungle boots
It's important to have durable footwear that will protect you when you are e...
Military leather officer business shoes
Black genuine leather business shoes
The genuine leather business shoes are worn by many as their standard daily ...
Outdoor army tactical military desert boots
Suede leather military desert boots
The suede leather military desert boots are boots designed to be worn by sol...
Suede leather 600D polyester military boots
Suede leather men's military army boots
The suede leather military boots comes with a thick vulcanized rubber cleate...
Black durable police duty belt
600D polyester police duty tactical utility belt
The police duty belt with versatile modular design for law enforcement, mili...
Police anti riot suit
Military police anti riot control safe suit
The anti riot suit, also known as riot armor, is a kind of clothing widely u...
round police anti riot shield
Round police military anti riot control shield
The police anti riot shield is a mainly for law enforced, such as police and...
Black anti riot police helmet
Black anti riot police control helmet with visor
The anti riot protection helmet is a type of helmet designed for law enforce...
Black police tactical uniform
Black real police security tactical uniform
The police tactical uniform is mainly used for real police which suitable fo...
Police combat tactical uniform
Dark blue police tactical combat security uniform
The police tactical uniform is designed for police according to their workin...
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Established since 1989, we are a franchised professional supplier(military equipment manufacturer) of complete series of military supplies and logistic equipment with the special military export authorization of the PRC State Council.Located in Guangzhou and with our own bulletproof products factory and hundreds of professional manufacture suppliers covering every other kind of products, We could supply best service, support and products and offer good suggestion and quick solutions.
Military and police equipment one-stop solution
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Welcome OEM/ODM orders. We have advanced producing equipment for all products of our categories. We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you producing orders when you meet toughissues. We assist our value customer to design and develop their products by standing on the Creativity & Innovative foot. We manufacture the products of our customer with Quality Assurance, Delivery Accuracy & Cost Effectiveness. Design We will design or copy the sample from our client by machine. Mould Making For shoes example: Accoring to the original sample, we make a new mould which is same as the original outsole pattern.  Attached part of our outsole mould below Sample We will arrange sample after confirming all details and material. For shoes example: For process we will recommend cement, Injection, moulding, goodyear. For material we have polyester, nylon oxford, for leather we have full grain leather, suede leather etc. Mass production After sample confirmation, we will arrange the goods on production line to ensure that the goods are deliveried on time.
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Project cases
We have advanced producing equipment for all products of our categories.               More cases for your reference below.
Customized folding bed for Brunei police |
Customized folding bed for Brunei police |
In the year of 2019, we have make some special size folding beds for Brunei Police.It is alumina material, both frame and leg, the pole size is 30*30mm, thickness is 1.20 mm, the whole bed size is 190*64*43CM. Max loading weight is 150~170 KGs. Each bed has a carrying bag.The pole size is customized which the normal size is 25*25mm,and thickness is 0.8mm.Though it is not big quantity, but we still...
 Order for Kuwait armed forces
Order for Kuwait armed forces
1.  The Trans Group from Kuwait found our contact info from our official website in 2016 and visit our office with their own samples. The sample was a USA military jacket style which was super high quality and fine sewing and finishing. 2.  We offered estimated price after quick checking based on experiences which simulated the interest of the customer and also trust. The decided to leav...
National flag of Mauritania
National flag of Mauritania
1. The Middleman from Mauritania found our contact info from our official website in 2015 and visit our office with their own samples. 2. The client required to produce according to their samples and that our products could reach the high stantard of color fastness under high sunlight intensity in Africa. As the client spoke highly of our product quality, excellent service, and professional work, ...
The order of Bulletproof vest for Nigeria
The order of Bulletproof vest for Nigeria
1.The quantity purchased by the customer: 1000 pieces 2.Through the Alibaba platform, I received an inquiry from customerwhich asked 1000 pieces of bulletproof vests. Customerdid not provide technical specifications at the beginning. 3.Through continuous communicating with customer, we knew that the protection level he wanted was NIJ IV. Customerwanted us to suggest the suitable material to him,so...
The Order of Military Boots for Kenya
The Order of Military Boots for Kenya
1. The customer sent me inquiry on offical website in 2018, we sent the price with the similar picture of miltary boot as customer's.But he hadn't replied for nearly a month. 2.Later he got back to me and bought a pair of sample.  We started to design and make the boot sample according to client's clear pictures. 3. After receiving the sample of military boot, the customer was satisfied ...
Beret with insignia for African Union
Beret with insignia for African Union
There is few factories good at produce scarf and armband for the army. Luckly we have a military manufacturer provide similar product to domestic army dept. Date: 2018 Country: Ethiopia Client: Middle man Customer source: Internet Order amount: USD 120,000.00 Product: Beret with insignia, armband and scarf
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