Inner wear military army uniform tactical belt

This black army tactical belt is specially customized for the inner of military uniform.

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This military tactical belt is mostly used for inner wear by the soldiers. Material is PP webbing with metal buckle. The width is about 3cm and length can be from 100cm to 150cm in different sizes.  It can be used for speed dropping in emergent situation.


Webbing material: polypropylene (PP)

Buckle: metal

Width: 3cm

Length: 100 cm to 150cm

Color: Black, Tan, etc.

OEM: Acceptable 

Category: Military Belt


  • Zinc alloy buckle
    Army tactical belt military
  • Durable PP webbing

    PP webbing military uniform belt
  • Adjustable size

    Inner wear tactical belt
  • Good sewing
    Military tactical army belt


  • Army in the parade
    PP webbing army uniform belt
  • Soldier in the mission
    Durable army dress belt
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