Tactical protective assault knee pads elbow pads

The protective knee pads and elbow pads is mainly used for outside of military uniform.

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The TPU shell offer the protection for knee and elbow from debris on rough surfaces, which is specially for outside of military uniform. 


Outer material: TPU shell cover

Lining: EVA foam pad

Color: Black, Tan, Camouflage etc.

OEM: Acceptable 

Category: Knee & Elbow Pads


  • Soft strong plastic cover for knee
    Soft strong plastic cover for knee
  • Inner EVA pad

    Inner EVA pad
  • Soft strong plastic cover for eblow

    Soft strong plastic cover for eblow

  • Comfortable EVA foam

  • Comfortable EVA foam


  • Military uniform with knee and elbow pads
    Knee pads elbow pads
  • Military mission
    Military tactical elbow pads
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